Ok, PA guys and gals. Got another pet peeve for you. This is a recurrent theme at my clinic. Not like it happens every day or anything, but enough that I wanted to write about it and get a feel from all the PA peeps out there to see if you run into this.

Patients refusing to have their weight taken. This bugs the living crap out of me. C’mon people, get your fat ass on the scale so we can get on with the business at hand. When this happens at my clinic, I am very matter of fact about it. You either get your weight taken, or you don’t have an office visit.

So tell me, how do you deal with this in your own practice?

What do you do when a patient refuses to step on the scale?

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How often do you have patients coming in that do not want you to take a blood pressure?

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  1. trishx3 says:

    I must say that the patients try to avoid having any vitals done at all! I was always get “I’m only here to have my blood tests done.” Well sir, I still have to check your vitals! Gets under my skin.

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