The PA SoapBox is a blog dedicated to what else, PA’s. (Well, not just PA’s)

This should be a fun and informative site for those wannabe PA’s still sitting through bio-chem lectures,
all the PA-S’s trying to decide which end of a stethoscope goes in the ears and which end goes on the patient,
those very green PA-C’s who are all worked up and ready to heal the world,
and those old school PA veterans who know exactly what the rest of you are going through.

I do not intend to let this blog turn into some soft pitch infomercial on becoming a PA. That info can be found all across the www. Just Google “become a physician assistant”. Thousands of pages that all say; go to school, pass test, get cert, get license, and PRESTO! You’re a PA. All these sites do is Copy and Paste the same info over and over again.

What’s missing from PA sites out there is the negatives about our chosen profession, from someone who is in the profession. There are a few things that would have been good to know before I got knee deep into becoming a PA. I’m also interested to know if any of you PA vets out there have had similar thoughts or experiences.

Although this is a blog, and the nature of a blog is one person’s thoughts, I really encourage comments and feedback. Have a question? Shoot me an e-mail. Wanting to become a PA and just curious about something, anything? Shoot me an e-mail. Wanna talk shop, or link your site? Shoot me an e-mail.

Just in case you think I am going to sit back here and just bash the hell out of being a PA, you’re wrong. I plan on incorporating stories that entertain or interest me. Some first-hand experiences, some pulled from the web.

At times my blog may make it seem like I hate what I do (who does not hate some aspect of their job at times). The fact of the matter is I love what I do. I am blessed for my life to have taken the roads it did for me to end up as a Physician Assistant. I am proud of what I have accomplished and what I do. Every single day I go to work, I have the opportunity to change another person’s life for the better. Not many people can make that claim. I just want to make sure these young pups looking at our vocation go into this with open eyes.
Enjoy, Q

    • qfwm2001 says:

      Absolutely, RSS feeds coming soon.

      This blog is very early in development and I will constantly be trying to improve it. As I can, I will also add additional pages that I hope will be of interest to the PA community.

    • qfwm2001 says:

      Ah, what’s in a name? Nothing more than a few letters strung together that make sounds, that make syllables, that make words.

      In this case the letters are an acronym for me. It is a moniker that I took on in 2001. The meanings of which are probably the stuff for another blog.

      If you or anybody else cares to take a stab at the meaning, I would gladly answer “yes” or “no”. For now though, I am going to hold my tongue.

  1. Tammy says:

    Love the site! Great articles,really like how you put puppies into it.I was paying attention. LOL Waiting for the next read to come, I’ll be checking back.

    • qfwm2001 says:

      Tammy, thanks for joining.This blog is a work in progress, and I will continue to add relevant material as I can. If you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts on how to improve it; feel free to let me know. (happy to hear that you like puppies too)

  2. jdub pa-c says:

    I like the blog. Think you are writing is good. suggestion- would like to see you address some of the misconceptions about jobs after training. maybe how pointers on who to listen to (ads, recruiters, attendings, so on) just a thought. some of the wannabes could use a little instruction, and maybe some of us pups as well

    • qfwm2001 says:

      Thanks jdub. I have been working on some houskeeping issues related tot he blog, but will get busy putting together some more content. I plan on including some bits about shopping for a job, and how to market yourself.

  3. schumado says:

    As an aspiring PA still going through my bio-chem lectures, I gotta say your blog is very informative and entertaining. Thank you very much sir!

    • qfwm2001 says:

      Shumado, I am glad you dig the blog. Thanks for the support. Good luck on becoming a PA. It is a fantastic career. The opportunities that exist as a PA today are amazing. If you have a specific question or are looking to bend an ear about something feel free to send me an email. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my duplicitous thoughts.

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